• Stuart Lamont

Autumn, The Most Fleeting Season

Well it's late October and the Autumnal Season has now started, Our Parks and recreational areas are an explosion of yellows and golds but not so much out in more remote areas where it is just taking that bit longer to materialise.

I normally book a weeks holiday at this time to try capture this most fleeting of seasons and I'm discovering more and more that it is a bit of a gamble what week I take off, seems to be getting later each year.

The good thing is that Autumn for me is the start of the Landscape Photography Season and if I can manage to get a few shots of the Fall colour it kicks starts my motivation to get back out again on a regular basis.

Nikon D850

Nikon AFS 70-200 F/4 VR @ F/8

ISO 64, 1/25 Second

B&W Polariser


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