• Stuart Lamont

Bracklinn Falls, Callander

This was a summer outing at the end of July 2018, I hadn't been out for a while and my fitness levels were zero, I had suffered a broken ankle at the start of the year and my recovery took a while which resulted in me being on the couch for too long.

Once I was able to get out we were into Summer when Landscape Photographers are traditionally taking a break due to the long days, hoping that the weeks ahead will improve my fitness levels and praying by the time Autumn is upon us I won't be struggling like I did on this particular day.

Nikon D850

Nikon AFS 24-70 F/2.8

40mm / F/11 / ISO 200 / 0.4 Secs

Lee 4 x Stop IRND Filter

Lee 2 x Stop Medium Grad

Lee Landscape Polariser


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