• Stuart Lamont

Cathedral Cave, Little Langdale

A broken ankle put me out of action just before Christmas and I haven't been able to get out now for the past 3 x months. This was my first real trip out of 2018, we headed to the Lakes for a short 3 x day trip, the weather was a real mix of sunshine, snow showers and strong winds.

The results were a mixed bag but came back with one or two shots I am relatively pleased with. I felt a bit rusty to say the least however hopefully now going forward the ankle will improve and normal service will be resumed.

This shot (Cathedral Cave) is an old slate quarry in Little Langdale hidden away in the woods in the south side, there is a 20 metre tunnel leading into the main cave which is pretty eerie which then opens up to a 12 metre high cavern with this massive pillar which seem to be holding up the ceiling.

Nikon D850

Nikon 16 - 35 F4 Vr @ 19mm

ISO 64 / 20 sec / F/11

Lee Filters


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