• Stuart Lamont

Silver Birch Trees, Abernethy Forest

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Forests in Cairngorm National Park are among the oldest in Great Britain and have a character all of their own, however this Image could probably have been taken in any Forest in the UK, The Silver Birch Trees stand out against the Moss strewn Scots Pine in the background which was what drew my eye to the scene.

A short break up at Nethy Bridge late in November was a breath of fresh air, there was no mist or lovely Sunrises to be had but it gave me the opportunity to explore some of these ancient woodlands and soak in this environment in a way that I hadn't done before.

The Mist we were hoping for didn't materialise but it remained dry which allowed us to get out and look for some compositions in this chaotic Landscape, its a challenging subject matter which you really need to develop an eye for, its all about balance / shape and form and subtle light If you can get it however the holy grail in this enviroment is Mist which really helps make your subject matter stand out against the background of the forest creating etherial looking images.

Nikon D850

Nikon 70-200 F/4 @ 102mm

ISO 64 1.3 Sec @ F/11

Lee Landscape Polariser


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